Santa Village Rovaniemi

Dear ‘And Travel Stories’ Readers,

The year is coming to an end, and we would like to wish YOU all a fantastic start into the next year and a very prosperous new year. But before that, we want to THANK YOU for a fabulous year and your support in our new adventure.


Your comments, kind words, and love keep us motivated to write our travel logs and put in the extra hours to maintain this blog. That being said, this year has been phenomenal for us; we want to share a few of our experiences to reflect on the good times and enter the new year with new dreams.

Things that we accomplished this year:

1. Blog-wise

We took a big step in moving towards our passion. This is the year, ‘And Travel Stories’ was born. My love for traveling and writing and Ray’s passion for Photography is something which makes ‘And Travel Stories’ genuinely dear to us.

2. Travel-wise

The way we travel changed gradually, from being a regular tourist to looking for more cultural experiences rather than just touching a place. Meeting new people and getting to know their culture gives us immense pleasure.


In fact, the SMILES that we share during our encounters is the souvenir that is the most cherished one for us.

3. Videos

 Recently, we published our first video on YouTube. In 2020, we plan to add many more Travel videos.

Besides all these fantastic development, we learned the power of being consistent and believing in your dreams.


Experiences from 2019

Talking about our Travels, when we sat down to reflect on the past year’s adventures, we couldn’t stop ourselves from being all smiles. We want to spread our happiness and experiences, so here we go with our 2019 encounters in a photo diary sort of way;


We started the year with a trip to Finland, the Winter Wonderland. As soon as we arrived, Finland was our love at first sight. It was a perfect whitewashed winter spectacle.  The whole trip was as if we had straight away, landed into a fairytale. We spent a few days enjoying the snowfall and the Finnish sauna experience.


Next, we went to Santa’s village to relive our childhood fantasies. On a perfect snowy day, we met Santa Claus and rode on a reindeer sleigh. Can you believe that? It was as if we were in imagination land.

Following this magical experience, we spent a day in a resort, which is made entirely out of Ice. You can stay in this resort and sleep on an ice bed warmed with reindeer blankets. It was really cool (pun intended). If you feel cold, fret not because there is an Ice Bar to your rescue, here you can drink shots in an ice glass. Again, How cool is that?

But that’s not all – On the last day, we were fortunate enough to witness the dance of Aurora borealis. It was a surreal experience and also a challenging one. You can read our full story here.

Santa Village Rovaniemi
At Santa's Village in . Rovaniemi
Rudolph the Reindeer
Rudolph the Reindeer, Isn't he the cutest?
Ice Hotel in Rovaniemi
Fancy sleeping on an Ice Bed?
Ice Bar in Rovaniemi
Waiting for my Ice shot in Ice Bar
Northern lights aurora borealis
Witnessed the Northern lights

Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna

Next, we went on a trip to Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. This trip was a lovely spring break, where we enjoyed the city culture in these east European beauties. We had a marvelous time enjoying everything right from mouth-watering cuisine, castle hopping to relaxing hot spring baths.

Budapest Night Skyline
Did you know that Ray captures excellent photos? Photo by Ray of Budapest Night skyline
UFO Tower Bratislava
UFO Tower Bratislava

Croatia and Slovenia

Travelling through Croatia and Slovenia was a truly eye-opening experience for us. Traveling through nature is when we realized the depth of our passion and encouraged us to write our travel blogs. This is the trip which will always remain very dear to us.

Croatia Blue water
Island Hopping in Croatia
Lake Bled Slovenia
Rowing at this picturesque Bled lake in Slovenia

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see.”


Come October, Ray surprised me with a trip to Paris on my birthday. How sweet is that? He never fails to amaze me. Indeed I couldn’t have thought of any better location to celebrate my birthday.

Arc De triumph Square
Arc De triumph Square
Sneh at Louvre museum
Sneh at Louvre museum


In December, it was time for our mandatory and most looked up to vacation to our motherland India. This time it was double the celebration with my sister’s wedding. And Indian wedding calls for a colorful ceremony.

Indian wedding couple
Reliving our marriage
Sisters at Indian wedding
Enjoying time with my sister
Bride and groom at Indian wedding
Happy bride and groom


To end this year, we spent quality time in Bali, a Tropical Paradise. Our time in Ubud was refreshing, where we pampered ourselves with infinity pools and lazy mornings with breakfast in the pool or swinging in the rice fields. 

When we were not relaxing, we hit the road on bikes to enjoy the beauty of nature. Our two days in Nusa Penida were filled with adventure, where we toured different cliffs for panoramic views of this fascinating Island. Everything about this place was truly mesmerizing. It reminded us to sit back, relax, and take that well-deserved break.

Puppy in Ubud, Bali
Ray having good time in Bali
Breakfast in Infinity Pool, Bali
Morning breakfast in Infinity Pool
Swing in Ubud, Bali
Swinging at a Rice Paddy field in Bali

Check out our extended video on Bali and our experience

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  • January 2, 2020

    Just wow… beautiful videos…and yes Ray captures excellent photos…keep going.

    • Sneh

      January 23, 2020

      Your comment really put a big smile on our face 🙂 We are glad that you liked the post and the videos


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