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In today’s world, Japan, the land of the rising sun, is known mostly for its technology and equipment. There are very few who know that Japan best place to visit if you are looking for a travel destination. The country has everything for everyone. There are various kinds of travelers, and Japanese tourism and rich culture have something for every visitor. From temples to city life to mountains to museums, your stay in Japan will be full of sightseeing. 


While technology puts the country on the world map, people and visitors have talked about its beauty and culture.


With many famous places in Japan and a wide variety to choose from, it becomes impossible to decide which place is ideal for visiting first. Japan, no doubt, is one of the best places to see in the world.


This article will guide you on Japan’s best places, the best time to visit Japan, and the major tourist attractions.

Japan Tokyo city

Best time to visit Japan


Due to Japan’s varied temperature scale, it will not be wrong to say that there is no best time to visit this country. If you are an enthusiast, then the best time to visit famous places in Japan can be from March to May, or between September to November.


We would advise against visiting during the winter season (December to February) as the temperature is mostly shallow & the weather snowy. However, if you decide to give it a visit during winter, you will get the best view from Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji would be less-snowy and with a slightly higher temperature. Meanwhile, the inns surrounding this region are specially designed for tourists visiting during the year’s wintertime. More so, during winter visits, your visit will seem dissatisfied if you do not see the hot spring resorts for a hot water bath. 


Spring (between June and August), which is the best season to visit, is basically due to the sakura season. This country is well known for its cherry blossoms, a treat for tourists. The one drawback is the hiked prices because of the festivities; hence, you need to book early. 


 The most tourist-friendly time of the year starts in late April and ends in early May.

Japan Night
Japan Night

Top places list in Japan

Like any other country, there are specific tourist locations in Japan and attractions considered must-visit by the locals and travelers. These places give you mind-blowing lifetime experiences. This post comprises a list of such famous places in Japan to plan your itinerary for your vacation.


Japan is a land you should not miss to explore, from the spectacular Buddhist temples to the well-looked after gardens to the incredible artwork; it never ceases to amaze you.

Follow us on our journey and explore the world with us.!!

Japan’s most beautiful places


1. Tokyo

While there are many best cities to visit, Tokyo is number one on our list. Not only is it the capital of the country, but it is also its heart. In every sense, Tokyo is an accurate representation of Japan’s culture, values, and beauty. Here, you can easily spot excellent and popular authentic restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine’s best taste.


For tourist spots, you need to turn towards Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Skytree, and Tokyo DisneySea. From children to adults, the city has something for every age group. You can also spend your time visiting Tokyo Tower, Shop in Odaiba, and Takeshita Street in Harajuku. There is no denying that Tokyo is indeed the best city to visit in Japan with so much to offer.

Getting to Tokyo

If you fly into Tokyo from another country, air transportation through Haneda Airport or Narita Airport is the best option.


While coming from other cities, the express trains, ferries, bullet trains, long-distance busses can help you access any part of Tokyo with ease, notwithstanding any means of transportation. With endless lines, the subway system is impeccable and the most comfortable transportation medium in Tokyo.

Tokyo city

2. Kyoto

For anyone who wants to see the real and traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto is the place to be. Kyoto is also the prime location, anyone would suggest, While looking at the list of Japan’s most beautiful places. It is one of Japan’s favorite tourist locations, from Geisha in brightly colored kimonos emerging from wooden teahouses to bamboo forests.

Other places to look forward to when in Kyoto are temples and shrines in gold, silver, scarlet and raked gravel Zen gardens.

Kyoto receives over 10 million tourists yearly, and you are likely to find yourself in a group. It would be best to stay out of the crowd. So, pick an accommodation close to a popular tourist attraction you want to visit. This way, you check out early, have a break in the afternoon, and set out again in the evening without traveling for too long within your destination. 


We suggest that you stay in Southern Higashiyama, which is at the foot of the Eastern hills in Kyoto. Here, there are several temples, sightseeings, and a beautiful night ambiance. More so, you will have the chance to spot Geisha.


Kyoto has elaborate feasts served on lacquered plates, elegant tea ceremonies. The markets here are full of fascinating and unique ingredients in terms of culinary traditions.


3. Takayama

Takayama is another beautiful tourist attraction in Japan. It is a small town many tourists do not know about located on the edge of the Japanese Alps. Gorgeous wooden houses, colorful temples, neatly and well-shaped trees with shiny red-colored bridges over the flowing river.

The city is like a painting an artist draws out of imagination. It is a secret place in Japan that has not been explored or touched by many travelers. Honshu is the principal city, and a train is the best medium of movement within Takayama.

You will spend roughly 4 hours coming in from Tokyo and 3 hours 15 minutes when traveling from Kyoto.

You have a choice from both international and Japanese meals in Takayama Restaurants. You will surely relish several tasty local cuisines. Top on the list will be Hida-Gyu, a Japanese beef, Ramen, udon, and other intercontinental meals. There are a significant number of hotels within the Central parts of Takayama and Sanmachi Suji district.


4. Kanazawa

Situated in the northwest of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa is a city with a famous history. Located between the wild waters of the Sea of Japan and the high rising Japanese Alps. The place is the true epitome of culture and heritage. With a century-old castle to explore, you can feel and see the old and historical Japan and every view.

The city has multiple temples, shrines, and well-protected samurai and geisha districts. Its garden, Kenroku-en, is a must-visit when you are in the city. You will have the chance to explore several beautiful Ryokans (traditional Japanese inn) in Kanazawa. 

The best way you can enter Kanazawa is through the bullet train from Tokyo. You will spend roughly two and a half hours on the rail. Kanazawa is not too large, and the prominent sightseeing places are just about 2 km apart. You can explore the majority of tourist centers on foot. However, you can harness the bicycle, taxis, or buses rental services if you want to move faster.


5. Ishigaki

For people who are looking for adventure and sports, Ishigaki is your place. Unlike most of Japan’s cities with temples and shrines, Ishigaki is somewhat known for its beaches and nightlife. It is one of the prime beach destinations in the country that offers beachcombing, multiple water sports. For trekkers and mountaineers, climbing Mount Nosoko is the activity meant for you. 

If you are an international tourist, then you are most likely to enter Japan through Tokyo Airports. From Tokyo, it would be best to board a domestic flight to Ishikagi. Going around the city of Ishikagi is easy, but it would be best if you rent a car for your movements.

Be wary of parking on the roadside because the Japanese prohibit street parking. Look around; there is a car park in virtually all the streets. Also, drive carefully because, in Ishikagi, the speed limit is 40km/hr on the highway and 30km/hr for crowded areas. 


Famous Spiritual locations in Japan


1. Mount Fuji

One of the most recognizable spiritual locations in Japan has to be Mount Fuji (Fuji-san). This mountain peak towers over 3776 meters are the highest mountain peak in Japan.  Mount Fuji is an icon recognized by UNESCO for its significance in the culture of Japan since 2013. Every year, millions of people climb this mountain to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park for pilgrimage, making it a spiritual location and a tourist attraction in Japan.

A straightforward way of having a clear sight of mount Fuji is when you are on a train trip from Tokyo to Osaka. Besides, when moving on a train from Tokyo to Nagoya or Kyoto to Osaka, you will have beautiful sights at the Shin-Fuji station.
Poor visibility and cloudiness is a common thing that blocks tourists from seeing the mountain. However, visibility is better during winter periods than during summer. More so, visibility is better in the mornings and evenings than in the afternoons.

Tourists are only allowed to climb Mount Fuji within July and August. You will enjoy a better view of Mount Fuji by heading to a close-by hot spring resort called Hakone. Fuji five lakes within the northern foot of the mountain can also suffice.

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

2. Shrines

The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya – The most important Shinto temple in Japan is the Atsuta Shrine, located in Nagoya’s heart. Another central shrine is Hongu, a treasury that includes old paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and traditional masks.

Also, visit Nagoya Castle when you visit the city. Built-in 1612, This 42-meter tall tower is famous for its two Shachi, which are gilded dolphins.


3. Koya-san

Also known as Mount Koya, it is the center of Shingon Buddhism and one of Japan’s most famous spiritual locations. It is the home of many temples, shrines, and pagodas. A person who wishes to explore the country’s spiritual side can visit the Koya-san and get a perfect taste of it. Located in the forest-covered mountains of Kansai, Koya-san gives you the most authentic experience of monk life. You can even stay in Shukubo (simple Japanese temples for tourists, with sliding doors and tatami floors) or temple lodging to experience the delight.


Besides temples and shrines, one can also look forward to the small hikes this mount Koya has to offer.

Koya San
Koya San

4. Nara

A place filled with many UNESCO world heritage sites; Nara was the country’s first permanent capital. The Daibutsu-den (Hall of the Great Buddha) at Todaiji, a spiritual location in Japan, is the largest wooden building globally and is the city’s primary site. It has a 5-meter-tall gold and bronze statue of Buddha that dates to 751. Such UNESCO sites are the reason that makes Japan the best place to visit in the world


5. The Island Shrine, Itsukushima

A ferry ride away from Hiroshima is one of Japan’s secret places, the Miyajima island, also called the Shrine Island of Japan. A Shinto temple known as the Itsukushima Shrine resides there. The temple is dedicated to the wind God Susanoo’s Princess daughters.

This shrine has a lot of halls which are lovely to explore like:

  • The Main Hall (Honden)
  • The Offerings Hall (Heiden)
  • The Prayer Hall (Haiden)
  • The hall of a Thousand Mats (Senjokaku)

There is also a dedicated stage for all the performances done to impress the visitors. These are what makes the Island Shrine, Itsukushima, one of the most spiritual locations in Japan.


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5 More Amazing Places in Japan


All the beautiful places like Tokyo city, famous places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the tourist attraction in Japan like Mount Fuji, makes Japan the best places to visit any time of the year!


We still have five more unique places to reveal to you. Let us check them out; these are some of Japan’s most beautiful places that give various historical, spiritual, and technological experiences.

1. Nikko

Another UNESCO world heritage site, Nikko is a temple town in the mountains and is like a cool retreat and get away from city life. Known for its vibrant autumn colors, the city’s main attraction for the tourist is Toshogu Shrine. This magnificent complex has more than a dozen extravagantly decorated red and gold buildings amidst giant, ancient cedar trees. After your trip, I promise that if anybody asks you to mention the beautiful places in Japan, this city will make your list. 


2. Naoshima Island

The city for artists and contemporary art lovers would find themselves in heaven when in Naoshima Island. The place is known for its many art galleries and outdoor sculptures. It can be visited while cycling through the city and enjoying the picturesque sea views and tiny fishing villages. The beautiful artwork and sandy island make Naoshima one of the major tourist attractions in Japan. 

Naoshima Island
Naoshima Island

3. Kawaguchiko

If you wish to get the best view of Mount Fiji, you need to visit lake Kawaguchiko. Even more mind-blowing in cherry blossom or autumn leaf seasons, the place has one of the most scenic and beautiful views of famous Fiji. You can enjoy the area by cycling around the lake or taking a cable car or boat trip. The lake has several museums and tea houses, and it ranks as one of the best cities to visit in Japan.


4. Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

The attack on this city in August 1945 is known to the entire world, which makes Hiroshima one of the famous places in Japan. The residents of this city have tried their best to turn this city into a vibrant one. They made significant efforts to commemorate all the victims of the first-ever nuclear attack.


Millions of people visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park each year, the epicenter of the bomb blast. You will find the Peace Memorial Museum, which provides all the information about that fateful day. 


Even though it was a disaster that the world will remember till the end, it remains one of the best cities to visit in Japan as this city is a sign of global peace.

Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

5. Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle holds extreme importance since it was the largest fortress in its days. The original castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Japanese warrior and politician, in 1586. This castle was destroyed and created quite a few times until 1931, after which the castle still stands strong!

The Hokoku Shrine in the Osaka Castle and Shitenno-Ji, Osaka’s famous temple, are favorite secret places in Japan.

Osaka Castle

Every village, town, or countryside is like a secret place in Japan with something different and new to offer. If you wish to experience all joys of traveling in a single trip, I bet Japan is the best place to visit for you.


While there are so many other tourist attractions in Japan, you cannot ignore these places. Add them to your vacation list and come back here to leave a comment after the holidays. 

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