Prague City

Prague : The capital of the Czech Republic is full of history and culture. Often referred to as the ‘City of Hundred Spires’, it has a lot to offer and many things to do for everyone right from its gothic cathedrals, castles, ancient bridges to its most famous beer.

Know before you go

Language in Prague City:

Czech is the local and the most spoken language in Prague city. However, while you visit here you will be able to speak English to most of the people.


Czech koruna (CZK) is the currency of Czech Republic. Euros are accepted at lot of places with low exchange rates, it is recommended to convert your currencies to CZK.

Time to visit

Best time to travel to Prague  city is during late Spring and early fall i.e. in mid May, June, and September when the weather is nice and pleasant and the place is also not crowded with tourists.

July and August are the most touristy months in Prague.

During Christmas time, Prague city has its own charm when the city is lit with festive lights. The weather can get as cold as 0° C so if you plan to visit during this time pack yourself a warm jacket.


Public Transport: Travel within Prague city with Public Transport is an inexpensive and convenient way to explore this magical place. You can buy short-time or long-time ticket depending on your length of travel which is valid to use on trams, buses, and metros.

Best View points of Prague city

Prague is known for its beautiful skyline. What would be better than to experience it from the higher ground? Whether you are a professional photographer or simply want to take in these beautiful views, we are here to help you with our list of best locations for doing just that.

Old Town Hall Tower This location is quite popular with tourists and is right at the center of the Old town square. The elevator will take you straight to the top with stunning 360° view overlooking gorgeous old town square and the gothic Tyn cathedral.
Travel Tip This place gets very crowded and it is best to visit it early in the morning or late in the evening when people are not swarming all over the place.
Entrance Paid
Prague Castle wall To get one of the enchanting views of the city with all the pretty houses of Hradcany, go to the Castle walls.
Old town Bridge Tower Get wonderful views over the river and the famous Charles bridge from this tower.</p> <p>Travel Tip: There were not many tourists when we visited there so you can enjoy this view pretty much with fewer people.</p> <p>Entrance: Paid
Letna Park This park offers a beautiful view of the river and its bridges. It gets even more beautiful at sunset.
Entrance: Free

Recommended top things to do in Prague city-

1. Charles Bridge 

Charles Bridge is the oldest standing bridge over Vltava river in Prague.

Take a stroll over the bridge and be taken back in history to experience its beautiful Gothic style architecture and 30 baroque statues on either side.

This is the most famous bridge in Prague and a must-visit spot. Expect to share it with lots of other people.

Travel tip: If you wish to enjoy this place with fewer people, come here early in the morning or at night.

2. Old town Square

Old Town square is where main heart of Prague lies. Visit this place and get mesmerized by its charm. It has a lot of significant places in its vicinity like colorful houses, Gothic Tyn Cathedral, and the world-renowned Astronomical clock which adds to its beauty.

The atmosphere at this place is very lively with live performances. Enjoy street artists performing or get yourself a Segway ride to create a memorable experience.

3. Astronomical Clock 

Visit the oldest astronomical clock which is still ticking.
Already spellbound by its beauty?
Wait!! there is more, the clock has a musical play when all apostles appear in the window and the figures around the clock move to strike an hour.

4. Prague Castle 

Worlds largest ancient Castle is a must-visit place in Prague. This Castle used to seat the Kings, Emperors and the Presidents of the country. Don’t miss the Gothic architecture of St.Vitus Cathedral building.

5. Art installation 

Prague is home to some of the quirkiest art. These weird installations all over the city are made by sculptor David Cerny, who is famous for his highly provocative and notorious art.

Here are some of his arts :


This statue is of two men peeing in the pool that is of the shape of Czech’s map.

There is a phone number beside this statue where you can send your text message and it will be spelt with their skills.

Crawling Babies: These are the statues of babies crawling on all their fours. The faces of these babies look quite weird with a barcode stamped on their face. but it is an interesting statue to come across while exploring Prague city.

Man Hanging Out:

This is a statue of Sigmund Freud hanging from a high pole. It is a depiction of his confusion of whether he should hang on or let go.

Franz Kafka:

This mirror sculptor of Franz Kafka’s head, is made up of stainless steel. It has 42 unique stainless steel which rotates independently forming his face at one point.

6. John Lennon Wall 

This wall has a significant history and meaning in the lives of people. Earlier during the communist rule,  when there was no right for free speech, people expressed their feelings for peace and freedom here.

John Lennon was a hero for his ideas about peace.  After his death, people painted this wall as his memorial with pictures and lyrics of his song. Even though it was whitewashed several times by the communist police, someone would paint it again with their feelings.

This wall now stands as a symbol of equality, peace, and freedom for all and you should not miss this place during your Prague city travel.

7. Golden Lane 

This street has tiny, colourful houses used to house Castle guards in the 16th Century. In 17th century, the goldsmiths used to live here, that is where it gets its name from. Now a days they house displays of old times including alchemy, torture equipment, armour and medieval clothing. Some of these houses are now gift shops. It is fun to explore these lanes.

8. Dancing House

This building is famous for its distinct architecture. When you look at it appears as if a couple is dancing.  It is an example of deconstructivist architecture and is featured on 2,000 gold koruna coin.

At night the lights in the building are turned on which adds more beauty to the overall structure.

9. Food 

When doing your Prague travel, treat yourself with the local Czech cuisine.
My personal favourite dish is “Koleno”- Pork marinated in beer and herbs, served with various delicious accompaniments like bread, horseradish, mustard, pickles and cherries with a dip.
Wow, I am hungry now.!!

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