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Visiting the capital of Egypt is an offbeat experience, where you will come across the modern and ancient world coexisting at the very place.  Here a busy bustling city lies right beside where the ancient civilization once built their significant structures.

When you think of Egypt, you think of Pyramids. These ancient monuments which are still a mystery to mankind are located in Cairo, but this place has much more to offer.

This guide will help you plan a perfect trip with the most amazing things to do in Cairo plus everything else that you need to know before you visit..

Know before you go

Language :

Egyptian Arabic is the language that is spoken here. Cairo is quite touristic and people generally speak English at the main sites.


June through August is the summer season and gets extremely hot and humid in Cairo. July is the warmest month here with highs of 113° F ( 45° C )

March-May and September-November are usually pleasant to travel to Cairo.

December-February is winter season with a high of 70° F ( 21° C ) and can drop to as low as 50° F ( 10° C ) at night.


The local currency is the Egyptian Pound. While Euros, Dollars and British pound are widely accepted, however it is advisable to exchange it into local currency.

Cards are not so widely accepted here.

Things to do

This list contains some of the top experiences and things to do in Cairo that you should not miss:

1. Khan il-Khalili Market:

Stroll through this splendid bazaar in old Cairo which unfolds its colors in the labyrinths of narrow alleys. this market is popular amongst the tourists for buying souvenirs, antiques or jewelry. There are also a few Arabic coffee shops and restaurants in the bazaar where you can enjoy some authentic food.

Type – One of the historic and cultural things to do in Cairo.


This famous structure made up of the body of a lion and the face of a human lies right next to the pyramids of Giza. It dates back to the days of Khafre and is believed to have his face.

3. Giza Pyramids:

Pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians as tombs to store the bodies of Pharaohs and their queens. The Egyptians believed in life after death and hence preserved the bodies along with all the necessary things that the kings will need in their afterlife.

At Giza, there are in total of 9 Pyramids. The largest of them is the Pyramid of Pharoah Khufu towering over Cairo, it is also one of the ancient wonders of the world. The second-largest is the Pyramid of Khafre and the third is the Pyramid of Menkaure.

You can enter these pyramids to see it from inside, where the bodies of the pharaohs and the treasure once lied. Now, there remains just narrow passages and empty rooms at the end. If you are claustrophobic, entering the pyramid is not recommended.

Travel tip: Entrance to one of the Pyramid of the Queen of Cheops is included inside your entrance ticket and therefore doesn’t cost any additional fees.

Type –  One of the top most things to do in Cairo

4. Egyptian Museum:

If you are a history buff this is a must-see experience for you. Even if you are not, this museum is quite intriguing to keep you hooked with its interesting treasures of ancient times.

It has so many antiquated artifacts, you can see actual mummies of humans and animals alike.

How the Egyptians use to keep different artifacts like chairs, food etc in a tomb to help the mummies in the afterlife and also some life-sized statues.

This museum also has King Tut’s treasure, his death mask and jewelry are the star attraction of this place.

We would suggest getting a guide to get a better understanding of history. Visiting the complete museum can take a day or two but plan at least 3 to 4 hrs inside the museum to explore the major attractions.

Type – If you want to know more about history and check actual artifacts, this is one of the must do things in Cairo

5. Mosque of Muhammad Ali:

Mosque of Muhammad Ali was the largest Ottoman mosque built in the 19th Century. It is a must-see location for its beautiful cupolas, minarets, and rooms with ceiling to watch. This mosque offers a great view of Cairo city.

6. Nile river:

Take a sunset Felucca ride on the longest river in the world. It is beautiful to enjoy a peaceful ride in Egypt away from the chaos of this city.

Type – This is one of the most relaxing things to do in Cairo

Feelings from heart

Personal experience from Cairo

  • Pyramids are visible from all over the Cairo city. The first time we laid our eyes on the great pyramid, it was a mesmerizing and surreal experience
  • Up close, the great pyramid is very huge. A single block of stone was reaching our shoulder height.
  • To understand the real Cairo and take in to the culture, you can talk to locals they are very friendly and offer warm hospitality wherever you go.
  • If you get an opportunity to explore some off the beaten experience with the bedouin people and to know their ways of living, do not onto such an opportunity.
  • Enjoy your time soaking in the culture and be safe as you should at any travel location.

How did you like our list? Did you enjoy it as much we loved writing it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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