Surfs and Sunsets

Bali is a tropical paradise when it comes to holiday destinations. The absolute number of things to do here is unbeatable. Its culture, beaches, surfing scenes, nightlife, astounding waterfalls, emerald rice fields are just a few of the possibilities to explore.

The area of Bali is enormous, and it can take a lot of time to go from one point to another depending on your location. Bali is distributed in different regions, each having its specialty, which makes it crucial to choose a base that best suits your liking to make the most out of your trip to Bali.

This guide comes in pretty handy to know what you can expect from different areas in Bali. During your stay here, moving between a few areas in 3-4 days is also advisable to cover what this island has to offer best.

Without further ado, let’s get into details about where to stay in Bali


Kuta is a popular spot in Bali, often visited by people to enjoy its nightlife. Well, popularity comes with a cost, this place is overcrowded and has a lot of traffic. 

Kuta is also known for an ultimate shopping experience; Whether you like to enjoy street markets or high-end malls, you will be spoilt for choice here. 

Things to consider:

  1. Popular Nightlife
  2. Surfing
  3. Sunsets
  4. Popular area with loads of traffic

Top things to do in Kuta

  1. Enjoy nightlife
  2. Visit waterbomb Bali waterpark
  3. Go shopping
  4.  Have fun at Upside Down world
  5. Go surfing.
Surfs and Sunsets


Just north of Kuta and south of Seminyak is the town of Legian filled with beachfront resorts to relish. It is less crowded than Kuta and has a more laid back feel. One of the advantages of staying here is its proximity to both Kuta and Seminyak. 

Things to consider:

  1. Beach Resort town 
  2. Comparatively Less crowded than Kuta
  3. Near to Kuta and Seminyak

Top things to do in Legian: 

  1. Legian is famous for stay options
  2. Surfing
  3. Shopping
  4. Picturesque Sunsets.


Seminyak is one of the top tourist spots in Bali. As you move to Seminyak, you will realize this is the most upscale and sophisticated area with its fine dining experiences, luxury hotels to chic boutiques. The sunset scene here is pretty too.

Seminyak offers a high-end nightlife in Bali with its upmarket clubs and restaurants serving fantastic food and drinks.

Things to consider:

  1. Best Nightlife
  2. Good food and Cafes
  3. Beachfront Resorts 
  4. Epic Sunsets

Things to do in Seminyak:

  1. Spend time at the beach clubs
  2. Horse riding
  3. Surf
  4. Visit sea temples
  5. Go on a shopping spree
Beach Club at Seminyak
Beach Club at Seminyak


Canggu is a perfect blend of calm and chaos. Whether you are looking for the best food options, spas, rice fields, surfing, romantic sunsets, or party locations, Canggu has it all. From the past few years, this locality is gaining popularity with tourists for the myriad variety of things it offers.

Things to consider:

  1. Great place for digital nomads
  2. It has a little of everything – Spas, Rice fields, Markets, Chic Cafes, Surfing, Parties.

Top things to do in Canggu:

  1. Party
  2. Surfing
  3. Eat out to your heart’s content
  4. Watch sunsets at the beach clubs
  5. Relax at chic cafes


Ubud is the traditional and cultural center of Bal; it is filled with lush green rice fields and encircled by the misty mountains. It is the land of many temples and Art. 

You can see the traditional dance performance taking place at the heart of Ubud at the Royal Palace. For relaxation, one can rely on the many sumptuous spas, and yoga retreats Ubud has to offer. A typical day here is full of calm and serenity thanks to the hospitability of the locals.

 Given all the above points, Ubud lies in central Bali, and it is not easy to access the beach and surfing locations from here.

Things to consider: 

  1. Central town 
  2. Cultural center with temples, markets, and traditional dance
  3. Great place for yoga and spa retreats
  4. Surrounded by rice fields and lush greenery
  5. Beach is far away from here

Top Attractions in Ubud : 

  1. Royal Palace 
  2. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  3. Tegallalang Rice fields
  4. Goa Gajah
  5. Saraswati Temple
  6. Art Museums and Art Markets
Ubud Monkey Forest Bali
Cute little Monkeys at Sacred Monkey Sanctuary

East Bali

East Bali is a large area that has lush green forests, black sand beaches, and an active volcano of Mount Agung. The holiest temple of Pura Besakih also lies in the east. 

Steeped with nature and culture, yet this region is still relatively untouched by tourists compared to the other areas. 

Eastern Bali has some of the most striking beaches which have managed to fly under the radar of the masses of tourists. The eastern stretch is also home to glistening black sand beaches; this is the result of the lava from the volcanic mountains of Mount Agung. Some of the black sand beaches here include Amed, Tulamben, and Keramus Beach.

Things to consider :

  1. Less touristy
  2. Experience true culture
  3. Some areas are less accessible

Top attractions in East Bali :

  1. Pura Besakih
  2. Lempuyang temple
  3. Taman Ujung Water Palace
  4. Tirta gangga
Lempuyang temple
Lempuyang temple


Jimbaran is a seaside town with a hint of leisure and local culture. It is famous for its seafood restaurants on the beach and the seafood markets. Jimbaran is less touristy and has fewer options for restaurants compared to other areas. Still, you can find some excellent establishments serving fresh seafood here. It has easy access to many attractions, like beaches and Uluwatu. Stay at this location to enjoy life at a slow pace.

Things to consider:

  1. Quintessential seaside town
  2. Seafood markets and restaurants
  3. Slow-paced life

Top Things to do in Jimbaran:

  1. Uluwatu Temple
  2. Explore the beaches
  3. Surf, Eat or traverse the markets
  4. Fishing trip
Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran Beach


Lovina is a quaint resort area on the northern coast of Bali. It is renowned for its black sand beaches, dolphins and beautiful corals in these areas. The sea is calm here and is perfect for swimming. Lovina is a quiet town with a laid back feeling. 

Cock-fights are a common tradition here; Due to the hustle and not so pleasant conditions in which the animals end up, please consider before attending such activities.

Things to consider:

  1. Tranquil town
  2. Moderately priced luxurious accommodations

Top things to do in Lovina:

  1. Explore Black sand beaches
  2. Go on a Dolphin sighting tour
  3. Banjar Hot Springs
  4. Aling Aling Waterfal
Dolphin tour at Lovina
Dolphin tour at Lovina

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a paradise in itself. The stunning cliff views and white sand beaches here are unparalleled in its beauty. Usually, people visit here for day tripping, and thus the cost of accommodation here is comparatively less than what you would pay in the mainland of Bali.

Things to consider: 

  1. Swim with Mantas
  2. White sand beaches
  3. Uncomparable cliff views

Top things to do in Nusa Penida:

  1. Kelinking beach
  2. Broken Beach
  3. Angels Billabong
  4. Swim with Manta Rays
  5. Diamond Beach
Broken Beach at Nusa Penida
Broken Beach at Nusa Penida, Bali
Kelingking Beach
Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida

With these details, you are ready to book your base that will perfectly suit your taste. You can also check our complete Bali Itinerary here. For accommodations, there are plenty of options to select from hostels, hotels, or one of the many luxurious villas that are a specialty in Bali. Airbnb,, and are widely used sites to book an accommodation in Bali.


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Bali is an incredible place offering a perfect mix of nature and culture. I am sure a visit to this place will draw you back time and again.

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